Ultimate Drummer’s Weekend 2018

This years Australia’s Ultimate Drummers Weekend marked 25 years of the event. From it’s inception as ‘The Drummers Day’ and evolution into the ‘Drummers Weekend’ in 1996, AUDW has since become an institution in Australia and is highly recognised the world over as the premiere Drumming event within the broader world community.

Artists: Benny Greb, Eric Moore, Mark Colenburg, Alex Acuña, Pete Lockett, Vera Figueiredo, Dom Famularo, Andy Gander, David Jones, Stan Bicknell, Gary France, Daniel Susnjar, Adrian J Portia, Lucius Borich, Lozz Benson, Alex Flood, Jake Ryan.

These photos originally appeared in Drumscene Magazine.

Gallery Info
  • Client: Drumscene Magazone
  • Date: 25th & 26th August 2018
  • Venue: Darebin Arts Centre
  • Location: Darebin