David Jones at the 2017 Vintage & Custom Drum Expo, Factory Theatre, Marrickville – 8th October 2017

The 2017 Vintage & Custom Drum Expo featured three zones, two the main exhibiting areas (Factory Theatre/Fusebox), a first-class performance stage (Factory Floor) featuring artist clinics and performances, and finally a Market Stall Area (Courtyard).

The Expo featured a Masterclass and performance by David Jones. To see David Jones in action is to witness a wizard weaving spells, a master at work achieving the seemingly impossible. His arms move in fluid Tai-Chi-like motions, his face is relaxed and transmitting his joy to the audience, and if you closed your eyes, you would swear there were at least 2 drummers on stage.

David is often described both here and abroad as being one of the most innovative and musical drummers in the world. His mesmerising drum solos are dramatic, humorous, surprising and powerful.

Gallery Info
  • Artist: David Jones
  • Date: 8th October 2017
  • Venue: Factory Theatre
  • Location: Marrickville, NSW