Dirty Deeds, Supercruise 2022, 9-15th Nov 2022

“You’d believe you were at an AC/DC concert in the late 1970’s”
With countless years of combined industry experience DIRTY DEEDS success is due to its professionalism and dedication, musical performance and above all showmanship. Well respected by fans and the industry, DIRTY DEEDS pride themselves on their ability to recreate the classic moments from AC/DC’s musical legacy.

That may be why they were selected by AC/DC’s own record label to perform and represent the band at the Official AC/DC ‘Black Ice’ Worldwide Album Launch Party in October 2008 in Sydney.

DIRTY DEEDS were also invited to perform at the Official Launch party for the thumping Stern AC/DC Pinball Machine in 2012.

Gallery Info
  • Artist: Dirty Deeds
  • Date: 9-15th Nov 2022
  • Venue: Ovation of the Seas