Dresden Dolls, Enmore Theatre, 7th January 2012

The Dresden Dolls beguiling breed of stylised Brechtian punk cabaret erupts with theatrics, spontaneity and genuine frivolity. Fans and critics cannot wait to get in on the action once again after their previous tours proved to be such a treat:

“On stage they interact intuitively and naturally, their rapport is palpable. The best songs are manic, like ants at fairy bread…The songs are visual, they come to life, and seem made out of pieces of goddesses and monsters, troy horses and walking sticks.” – Brag

“From the second Palmer touches the keys and opens her mouth, a scene is set. It is century old European cabaret and it’s wonderful…Now that’s what I call a show.” – Drum Media

Gallery Info
  • Artist: Dresden Dolls
  • Date: 7th January 2012
  • Venue: Enmore Theatre
  • Location: Newtown, NSW