The Great Creedence Revival Show, Supercruise 2022, 9-15th Nov 2022

The Great Creedence Revival Show delivers a high energy live performance that faithfully honours the legacy of the pioneers of swamp rock – Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Fronted by Scott Cameron as John Fogarty, the show promises a concert of all the greatest hits of the CCR and Fogarty solo tunes. Known for his rave review portrayals of Buddy Holly in the Tony award winning musical The Buddy Holly Story, Scott grew up listening to Creedence and was inspired by Fogarty from an early age.

Whilst on the road with Glen Shorrock, Scott was would always get the crowd pumped up with a Creedence classic.

Scott, along with Mick Baldry, Matty Breen and Simon O’Connor, effortlessly recreate the riffs, sounds and magic of Creedence in their prime, live on stage!

Gallery Info
  • Artist: The Great Creedence Revival Show
  • Date: 9-15th Nov 2022
  • Venue: Ovation of the Seas