Guitar Wolf, The Brisbane Hotel, 27th November 2013

With all the gain in the world and amps turned up way past 11, The Wolf unleash a sonic assault through a live show that’s dripping with sex appeal and stage production.

“Everything must be in the red”, the band say of their sound, which is an ethos that’s lasted for 13 albums so far including one Greatest Hits release.

Guitar Wolf will be coming off the back of a 20-date US tour and a slot at Gonerfest so it’s safe to say they will be in good form come November. The garage rock power trio have a legacy of fucking shit up to maintain, so you’ll probably want to make it down to these shows.

Gallery Info
  • Artist: Guitar Wolf
  • Date: 27th November 2013
  • Venue: The Brisbane Hotel
  • Location: Hobart, TAS