Icehouse at By the C – Don Lucas Reserve Cronulla, 6th March 2021

With a career spanning nearly 40 years, ICEHOUSE is one of Australia’s most iconic bands, transcending age groups with their hit songs, well known and loved by audiences across generations. ICEHOUSE has played to sell-out capacity audiences in Australia, New Zealand and throughout the World.

Icehouse started as a pub rock band called Flowers, who scored a record deal with Regular Records and released their first singles, Can’t Help Myself and We Can Get Together. The band’s debut album, Icehouse, was released in the same year to critical acclaim and reached multi platinum status in Australia and New Zealand where they toured for the first time. Icehouse soon became the highest selling debut album by any band in Australia, a record it was to hold well into the 1990s. The iconic cover art for the album, featuring branches intertwined, was created by drummer, John Lloyd, a former art student. After performing their song Icehouse at the Countdown Awards, the band was awarded with the Johnny O’Keefe Award for Best New Talent of 1980.

This gallery first appeared on What’s My Scene.

Gallery Info
  • Artist: Icehouse
  • Date: 6th March 2021
  • Venue: Don Lucas Reserve Cronulla, NSW