Jeff Lang – Some Memories Never Die: An Evening Of Words And Music, The Vanguard 21st May 2021

Jeff Lang has built a reputation for making startling and influential music that is accomplished, intricate, gutsy, melodic and loaded with soul. Often taking unexpected turns, he has consistently inspired his audiences by creating a stylistically diverse catalogue of over 30 albums.

But with every well-credentialed artistic soul, evolving and diving into the unknown is a step that is never too far away and so in 2019 Jeff sat down and began to write what would become his first book.

Some Memories Never Die, a memoir of three decades on the road, memories of gigs where the pay was akin to blood money, reflections on how the road’s twists and turns can be lightened by the presence of fellow traveller’s and occasionally darkened by them too, comes bundled with a 22 track album of Jeff Lang classics explicitly re-recorded for the book’s release.

Gallery Info
  • Artist: Jeff Lang
  • Date: 21st May 2021
  • Venue: The Vanguard, Newtown