Los Straitjackets with Big Sandy, The LuWOW – 12th March 2015

Big Sandy is an absolute Legend of the Vintage music scene with over 20 records to his name (including a 78rpm!), he sings liker an absolute angel and can reduce the most hardened street thug to tears and tackles a wide range of styles from soul (teeming up with El Vez in the “Los Dos Robertos soul revue”-look out Sam and Dave), to Western Swing, Rhythm and Blues, Sixties pop, Frat, Rock and Roll and country. All with his unmistakable East LA groove. Big Sandy is a torchbearer for American roots music and as a bandleader and entertainer, he has few contemporaries

When it comes to delivering high-energy rock and roll instrumental music, no one equals the finesse and power of USA band LosStraitjackets. They are easily the Top Honchos globally when it comes to instrumental music carrying on the Instro torch from such groups as The Ventures and Shadows. Since first donning their trademark Mexican masks in 1994, the Grammy-nominated quartet has recorded 11 albums, played all over the world, and still continues to inspire audiences to dance and smile with their awe inspiring acrobatic stage show.

Los Straitjackets join forces with Big Sandy, for a Rhythm and Soul Rockin Surf spectacular tour across Australia. After their previous collaborations left audiences breathless and their 45RPM recording of ‘La Plaga’ hit the ‘best of list” in over 6 countries.

The result is a dynamic and exciting show with elements of surf, rockabilly, 60s groove, rock and soul, that is sure to leave audiences howling for more.

Gallery Info
  • Artist: Los Straitjackets with Big Sandy
  • Date: 12th March 2015
  • Venue: The LuWOW
  • Location: Fitzroy, VIC