Mental As Anything, Australian Open Live Stage, Birrarung Marr 13th Jan 2019

Come for the tennis, stay for the music. Alternatively, come for the music and treat yourself to a little world-class tennis in between. Whichever way you see it, the AO Live Stage is the perfect platform to put a slightly different spin on your typical night out. With the city of Melbourne as the backdrop, get your friends and family together to unwind and witness some fabulous live music.

An iconic new wave band with an unmistakeable unique sound, Mental As Anything have been rocking out all over the world for forty years. Having rocketed to the future with ‘Mental As Anything – 5 Track EP’ in 2017, the band is sure to make waves.

Gallery Info
  • Artist: Mental As Anything
  • Date: Australian Open Live Stage, Birrarung Marr
  • Venue: 13th Jan 2019