They Might Be Giants, 170 Russell, Melbourne – 1st March 2019

35-years deep, Brooklyn’s freewheeling local heroes They Might Be Giants remain rock’s most original perpetual-motion machine; creating startling new music and performing shows packed with spontaneity and undeniable joy across the globe. Now they are bringing a brand new show, “An Evening with They Might Be Giants” featuring two big sets to Australia.

The show included all-time favorites, along with an ever-shifting rotation of fresh rarities spanning their epic career, and spur-of-the-moment improvisations that will delight even their exhausted road crew. And now for the first time beyond NYC, they’re joined on tour with show-stopping trumpet genius Mark “The Loveman” Pender (Conan O’Brien, Bruce Springsteen).

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Gallery Info
  • Artist: They Might Be Giants
  • Date: 1st March 2019
  • Venue: 170 Russell, Melbourne