Red Volkaert & Ray Beadle, 301 Studio, Botany 8th Feb 2023

Grammy Award Winner Redd Volkaert originally from Canada, is widely regarded as one of the greatest guitar players in the modern era particularly in the genres of Western Swing and Honky Tonk. He has been the go-to picker for Merle Haggard and has played with the likes of Johnny Paycheck, George Jones, Dwight Yoakam and George Strait.

Ray Beadle is an Australian guitar legend. Ray’s guitar and vocal styles evoke numerous blues legends, whilst concocting a breathtaking style all of his own. It is not by chance that Ray has become a favourite amongst Australian blues and music fans. An exhilarating guitarist, an enthralling singer-songwriter, and an extremely talented performer, Ray was awarded Best Album, Best Song, and Best Male Artist in the Chain Blues Awards.?

Gallery Info
  • Artist: Red Volkaert & Ray Beadle
  • Date: 8th Feb 2023
  • Venue: 301 Studio, Botany