Birdstriking, The Tote, Collingwood – 20th October 2019

Beijing’s Birdstriking are pioneers of the current Chinese independent music scene being one of the first bands to make their way out of their hometown scene and capture the attention of the West with a sound that fuses the energy of punk with a uniquely Chinese melodic sensibility.

Birdstriking first toured Australia in 2017 where they won the hearts and ears of Australian audiences. In the last couple of years since then, the band has released a second album, Holey Brain produced by BJM guitarist Ricky Maymi. Birdstriking also completed their first headline tour of the UK and graduated to the festival circuit in their native China. On the eve of their second Australian tour What’s My Scene caught up with the members of Birdstriking, He Fan (Vocal/Guitar), Zhou Nairen (Bass) Wen Yuzhen (guitar) and Sun Heting (Drums) (Sadly founding member guitarist Wang Xinjiu was unable to join and participate on this tour due to work commitments)


Gallery Info
  • Artist: Birdstriking
  • Date: 20th October 2019
  • Venue: The Tote
  • Location: Collingwood, VIC