Brooke Taylor, Caravan Music Club 29th March 2019

Since picking a guitar up for the first time only eight years ago, Brooke Taylor has already crammed more into the resultant time frame than many performers do in a career. A musical grounding in both her home city Melbourne and Sydney, Brooke soon started travelling and playing around the world. Auckland witnessed her first “overseas” gig before an eventful tour of Canada followed, which included playing at venues in Vancouver, Calgary and Banff.

The Canadian trip required Brooke to live in a seven seater mini-bus throughout the tour, while travelling over 3000k across country. The retirement of the 600 dollar mini-bus coincided with Brooke’s first visit to America and subsequently she played gigs in New York. Arriving in the UK on Australia Day (January 26th) in 2008, Brooke then moved to Leeds 2 weeks later, to pursue her music career in England.

With a voice which can cover country to bluesy with equal poise and assurance, Brooke can turn from foot-stomping to poignancy with incredible ease. Song-writing two weeks after her first introduction to a guitar, Brooke has developed into an accomplished song-writer with a penchant for the human vulnerabilities, fears and joys which everyone experiences and which allows the audience to empathise and relate to.

Gallery Info
  • Artist: Brooke Taylor
  • Date: 29th March 2019
  • Venue: Caravan Music Club
  • Location: Bentleigh, VIC