Celibate Rifles feat. Jello Biafra – Damo the Musical, Enmore Theatre 22nd September 2019

On August 3rd 2019 The Celibate Rifles lost their beloved frontman and friend Damien Lovelock.

To commemorate his passing and to celebrate his (musical) life The Rifles – alongside Damo’s cover band project The Centrerlink Surfers – paid tribute to Damien by covering his musical career from But Jacques The Fish to Wigworld via a selection of Damo’s jukebox faves and more.

Mega-Rifles fan and Dead Kennedy’s frontman Jello Biafra will also join the tribute with a one-off Sydney live performance lending his vocal to a series of Rifles tunes with added MC and DJ duties.

Leading the tribute were The Celibate Rifles, the band Damo fronted for 39 years. Rifles members past and present shared the stage with a host of guest singers including Ben Brown (The Hellmenn), Evil Dick (HiTS), the ageless Jeff Duff and mega-fan Jello Biafra; frontman for the Guantanamo School of Medicine and founding member of the Dead Kennedys.

Gallery Info
  • Artist: Celibate Rifles featuring Jello Biafra
  • Date: 22nd September 2019
  • Venue: Enmore Theatre
  • Location: Enmore, NSW