Dave Graney & the MistLY, Basement Discs Melbourne, 13th July 2012

Every month we set ourselves the task to write , record and release a song digitally. (This will be continuing). It got us into a different state of mind just concentrating on each packet of sound at a time. Not focussing on a band dynamic, just working at the songs. When a band gets a groove it likes, it tends to drift back to that grove again and again – within a song. When you’re not thinking or moving inside a song inside a band, you just do whats right for the scene you have going on. We’d always loved the way 70s roots reggae would sometimes see producers using the same rhythm tracks for several songs. We took some of thee drum parts from old songs and indeed used the entire rhythm track fro I Like To be Haunted (2007) to build Drifting Donna Reed. Other tracks sprang from complete new drum machine generated grooves, others from guitar chords and licks and newly recorded drum tracks. It was all focussed on short, snappy songs and with Be Sad For Me(the song sequence is that which happened in real time, each month) I broke the three minute barrier. Thats always been hard for me. Clare pushed the clock back out to over five minutes by I’m Never Off. I thought of the album title as in that dipsomaniacal thirties film speak ….. “Let’s get tight” as in lets get drunk. I have since been told it might have other meanings too. I like it when words are so allusive and elusive”. Dave Graney

Gallery Info
  • Artist: Dave Graney & the MistLY
  • Date: 13th July 2012
  • Venue: Basement Discs
  • Location: Melbourne, VIC