Mummies, Max Watt’s House of Music, 9th March 2016

The Mummies need no introduction as the loudest stupidest most deranged band on the planet. Destroying lives limbs and guitars worldwide since 1989.

These bandaged kooks are possibly one the most legendary Punk/Garage bands on the planet, right up there with the Cramps and The Ramones and no one knows what they really look like!! They have influenced every punk, jack, shit and harry that came after them.

The Mummies originated the ‘Budget rock sound’ told SUB POP where to get off and now they will blow you a new hole right between those useless eardrums of yours.The Mummies define what was to be a world-wide revolution of retardo rock and slope-head slop that erupted in the late 80s and early nineties spawning so many bands you can’t even start to name them all, but you can rope in most of the riot girl movement, Beat Man, King Kahn, and any of the hundreds of non corporate punk garage combos that are still wrecking guitars worldwide today.

The Mummies etched their way with a fistful of rarer than hens-nuts 45s of their own 2 minute lo-fi masterpieces like ‘Food, Sickles & Girls’, ‘I’m Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight’ and “Fight to live (on the Planet of the Apes)” and barnyard classics such as ‘Zip A Dee Doo Dah’ and ‘Stronger Than Dirt.’

Gallery Info
  • Artist: The Mummies
  • Date: 9th March 2016
  • Venue: Max Watt's House of Music, Melbourne