Skyhooks, RocKwiz salutes the ARIA Hall of Fame, the Palais, 8th October 2015

Skyhooks got back together, with Red Symons, for a one off performance for Rockwiz in Melbourne next week. The only trouble was, who would be the singer?

The following statement appeared on the Skyhooks official website.
“Many of you would of saw this on the Rockwiz mail out. After Brian convinced Red Symons to appear on the panel at The Palais on Thursday October 8, talk turned to his other band mates joining him on stage to play. The only unresolved question … who would sing???”

Lead signer Graeme ‘Shirley’ Strachan died in a helicopter crash on 29 August 2001. At the memorial service for Shirl, Ross Wilson and Daryl Braithwaite each took turns fronting the band. Currently Bongo Starkie’s band featuring Laura Davidson, who sounds remarkably like Shirl.

All was revealed at Rockwiz Live at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne on October 8 2015, where the singer turned out to be Ross Wilson.