Spectres Of Love, Spotted Mallard – 23rd December 2016

With tremolo guitar set to stun, electric bass prowling and drums rumbling like thunder, Spectres Of Love create a brooding sonic landscape for the unmistakable voice of Mikelangelo and his spine tingling tales.

Welcome to Spectres Of Love, a world of lonesome outsiders, haunted dreamers and sexually charged rock’n’roll. Denizens of dark romance and filmic atmos, thrown together by a shared lust for the primordial swamp and garage rock, doo wop and 60s pop, this new trio features Mikelangelo (Black Sea Gentlemen, Tin Star) on lead vocals and electric guitar; Michaela (El Dinero) on bass & vocals and AJ True (Zombie Ghost Train) on drums & vocals.

Debut single Man Cave heralds the arrival of the group in no uncertain terms. With immediate punch and hooks a plenty, sultry verse leads into anthemic chorus over a riff that takes no prisoners, the music rises and falls, climaxing in a primal chant over a hypnotic beat. Recorded live and kicking with special guest Jon Creenaune on saxophone at Sydney rock institution Zen studios with resident engineer Geoff Lee (Boy and Bear, Frenzal Rhomb). Mixed by Myles Mumford (Kim Salmon, Rich Davies) at Rolling Stock Recording Room in Melbourne.

Gallery Info
  • Artist: Spectres of Love
  • Date: 23rd December 2016
  • Venue: Spotted Mallard
  • Location: Fitzroy, VIC