The Tea Party with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Hamer Hall – 28th April 2017

Australia began its love affair with The Tea Party in 1995. The band’s second album, The Edges of Twilight, became their first top 10 album in the country thanks to the incredible support of fans and Triple J.

In 2002, The Tea Party toured Canada with a full Symphony Orchestra following the release of their Interzone Mantras album (whilst also touring Australia 3 times that year alone).

The band performed their first ever Symphony shows in Australia when they took the stage with a 48 piece Orchestra for one exclusive show, Friday April 21, 2017 at The Star Events Centre Sydney, followed by a concert at Melbourne’s Hamer Hall on Friday April 28.

The Tea Party is also thrilled to announce that acclaimed Canadian conductor, Marc Ouellette, will join them to preside as conductor for these two concerts. He has had a long-standing relationship with the band, playing an integral role in the development of their Symphony show, and it is a genuine highlight for Australian audiences to experience Maestro Ouelette and the band working together.

Since its inception, the band has relied heavily on the use of Middle Eastern instruments to provide a unique twist to their hard rock style. Instruments such as Oud, Sitar, Qanoun, Hurdy Gurdy, Theremin, Rabob, Tabla and many unusual and rarely seen percussive instruments feature heavily through their catalogue, and many of these will feature in this unique performance.

Gallery Info
  • Artist: The Tea Party with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
  • Date: 28th April 2017
  • Venue: Hamer Hall
  • Location: Melbourne, Vic